About the pilot

The newly released member website delivers an easy to use, content platform that serves our members better. This page is an introduction to our design process. You'll learn how we created the site, what we learned along the way, and how to engage with the new experience.

We invite you into the early release. So explore the site, discover the new content and give us feedback.

The new site is the perfect balance of form and function. It's designed to be simple, easy to use, and focused on serving our members. So take a look, tell us what you think. We're not waiting for it to be perfect. We want you to help make it that way.

Robert Ivy, FAIA, CEO of the AIA

Robert Ivy, FAIA
Chief Executive Officer of the AIA

Work in progress


Contract Documents


Contract documents is a trusted resource for members and non-members alike. We are investing in a new digital experience that will make finding the right doc easier.

Media Shuffle

Chapter Support


We are working in several features, small and large to help our members connect and communicate efficiently. Get updates-sign up now.


What's Next


We have a lot of ideas. As we finish one project we are thinking about the next one. But we are surveying our members to help prioritize the next, new feature.


The site is designed to be of service to our members. As an extension of that objective the site will begin to understand your needs and present the content that best fits your pattern. This means that local chapter information will align with your location and much more!

Extended Functionality

As we continue to rollout the new AIA digital experience you'll see an updated career center, advocacy tool, and more.

Additional content

We created the pilot in the spirit of continuous improvement. As we roll out new features and section we get to hear from you sooner. No need to wait for a grand reveal.

Account Information

Data is increasingly more important in our digital lives. We are cleaning up data in the My Account section of the site. So login and update your contact information.

Performance improvements


speed icon

The classic AIA.org site loads pages on average of 5 seconds. At the time of launch that was a respectable number.



speed icon

The new AIA.org site is much quicker. This speed allows our members to consume more information without delay.


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The previous Renew process was 7 screens long. It took too much time to work through the form fields and screens.



speed icon

The redesigned Renew process was optimized down to 3 screens. That resulted in 4,000 hours saved by our members.

Experience content in a new way

The new site displays information in easy-to-scan cards. To the right is an example. This format allows more content to be displayed, showing off the best from our members.

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Houses near a cliff and ocean
Setting up Home

Variety is key


We want to hear what you think about the new website.

Read more about the site and give feedback.